Monuments - Custom Design
RK Gorgeous Granite can create any design your family desires.
Our skilled craftsmen can sculpt the most beautiful carving, or complete any design. From angel faces carved as loved ones lost, or a multipiece War Memorial honoring our Nation's brave veterans, we have tackled the most intricate projects, with care and precision.

    • Angel Series

      At RK Gorgeous Granite, we can confidently say our angel carvings are the most beautiful you can find. Our carving experts sculpt each piece with equal precision and care, from the delicate face, to each wing. Though we have many designs available, we can produce any design to suit your needs.
      Just send us a sketch of your desired marker and we can create a beautiful memorial to satisfy your family.
    • Multi Piece Set

      More than a simple wing monument, our designers can create any set design for your customer. Whether different colors, or different polishes, RK Gorgeous Granite can make your vision into reality.
    • Custom Design

      Any design, shape, or color, RK Gorgeous Granite can furnish any design to meet your needs. From Hearts and Crosses to Motorcycles and Cars, we can design any piece specifically for you.
    • Custom Carving

      Intricate designs are not a problem for our skilled craftsmen and carving experts. Carved Flowers and trees, animals to cell phones, RK Gorgeous Granite can make any design.
    • Clay Models

      In an effort to create the perfect monument, RK Gorgeous Granite offers clay model services. Our craftsmen can sculpt a clay model so that the monument will arrive in exactly your specifications. The model can be changed as many times as necessary, to achieve the desired results.